John Dady


Biden claims 2A isn’t absolute. Freedom of the press isn’t absolute now either. I don’t think the press were given the freedoms so they could lie for one party, lie about the other. I don’t think the press were given freedoms,so they could spread lies,hate,division. The press wasn’t given Freedom so they could censor truths, promote lies and liars.

Thanks to actions by the press, the 2A is more important than ever.

Holding gun manufacturers liable for actions of an individual who uses a gun to commit murder is ridiculous. Are car manufacturers held liable when a drunk driver kills someone, or when a vehicle is used to run over and kill people?

Of course not, but if gun manufacturers are held liable that opens up the possibility that any manufacturer could be held liable if their products are used in a criminal manner.

Electric cars, have same issues with Lithium batteries..Imagine u buy one because you think u are saving the planet,because you are ignorant to the strip mining involved around the world, involving a lot of child labor, the fact China processes 80% of Lithium on the planet, their factories emit highest levels of CO2 on the planet. Then the battery, which put tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, just to strip mine the materials, ship around the globe for processing assembly, then shipped around the world to be put into an EV, the battery burst into a white hot fire as you and your family sleeps, never to wake again. But,hey,you were just trying to save the planet