No matter if you believe the Earth is dying because of man’s activities or not buying into the myth, one thing is very certain. We need power to live, to thrive! Without affordable, reliable power life will get very tough, very quickly.

Seems most either believe we can power our country on wind solar and hydro, toss is a bit of nuclear.
News Flash! That can’t be done, now or ever. Renewables provide about 30% of all electricity.
That means 70% is from natural gas and coal, which is 93% clean in modern plants.

Then factor in millions of electric cars, that is a recipe for collapse economically, socially even without them we can’t power our country.

Biden administration is rushing head long into renewables only, for our power, should this happen millions will die!
Imagine, no heat, no cooling, no power for hospitals, or at home medical devices, no power for emergency responders. No power at grocery stores, food storage and processing plants. Fact: the sun does not shine at night; in the winter the sun angle is very low. Fact: storage batteries are massive in size and costs, nobody is actually sure how many would be required, but it will be in the tens of thousands.

The wind does not always blow enough to turn the windmill blades, I’ve seen numbers as high as 30% of the windmills on any given day don’t produce a single kilowatt.
I’ve seen a lot of wind farms, seldom are most producing.
Another concern, our power transmission lines require a steady constant load, intermittent loads are very hard on the transmission lines, adding stress to them and costly early replacements.

We would have to strip mine the planet, to get the necessary materials to build the batteries required for storage batteries and the electric cars.
This is not a joke!
China processes 80% of lithium ion in the world. They also produce most solar panels. So, is safe to say, China would have extreme control over our power production capabilities and over our ability to build electric cars.

People, you are all being misled! We have already witnessed this summer, utility companies tell people not to charge their cars, turn their air conditioners up etc.
This happened because too much power requirements now depend on wind and solar. Imagine what life will be like when all base line power plants are shut down.
You won’t need to worry about CO2 killing you, the heat, cold, lack of food, water, medical care will finish you off long before the mythical manmade global warming ever would.
We must have a nationwide conversation before going any further. Not with government global warming alarmist. I have and will continue to reach out to Electric Cooperation’s to discuss what is really happening, and if they believe there is any possible way this country can be powered by renewables only. To date the answer to that is a resounding No!
One more point, those that say we are killing our planet are against nuclear, which is safe, efficient.
Those same people believe in mass population reductions. I suggest you folks stop listening to MSM and Social Media and begin educating yourselves, burying your head in the sand or elsewhere won’t change the reality of this.

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