John Dady




I’m just an average man, very concerned about direction of our country. I couldn’t stay home and complain about the deliberate destruction of our Republic, so I filed for office.

I have great passion for our country, our people and our form of government.
We the People, must unite and organize to stop the destruction!

I’m a fighter, and don’t tolerate well anyone who seeks our destruction and demands we submit to tyranny.

I believe in our God given rights, our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence.

I believe our government has crossed the line, as it no longer protects our God given rights. Our government is no longer serving the will of the people, but is in fact willfully destroying our economy, our energy security, food security in the name of the green new deal and the Great Reset.

Just say NO to both! I believe we must have our Own Great Reset, remove all Democrats and RINO’S from office at every level of government.
We must end the administrative state, it has power it never should have had.
I believe in states rights and sovereignty.
I don’t believe DC and the administrative state should control everything from farming, energy production, deciding what cars we must drive, that we must allow transgendered boys to use any facility reserved for young girls or women. USDA disagrees and threatening to cut school luch program payments if schools refuse to bend the knee to this.
How evil is that? Threatening to starve your child if schools refuse to agree to this.
USDA should be defunded.

To sum it up, I’m about freedoms, without them there can be no happiness, life or liberty.
Tyranny is a slow painful death which I oppose with every fiber of my being.

If you oppose tyranny as well, join me, to not just fight against it, but to make sure we stop it, for ourselves and future generations.
A weak America makes the entire world more dangerous, as we have been witnessing. We must be strong, our freedoms require us to be strong to keep them, the world literally depends on a strong USA.
We need people willing to stand against the leftists.

We’re in a Spiritual war for our God given country.
With your help, and participation and your vote. We can together, more effectively oppose and stop the destruction of our Republic, by the Democrat Party and their allies in MSM and Social Media.

God Bless America…Again

Thanks for your interest and support in my/your campaign.